New Tunes Tuesday

Almost missed it again! These are very much not new tunes but still really good music to chill and daydream to. Hailu Mergia and the Walias. Instrumental jazz and funk from Ethiopia.

Shopify is creating videoS that have nothing to do with Shopify

Or ARE they?

I was watching this video about procrastination and really enjoyed it. I went to see other video by the creator only to find out Shopify is the source. It was confusing since the video never seemed to tie its story or findings to anything the service offered. Maybe they are trying to get people to quit procrastinating and finally start the business they have always talked about that might use Shopify. Seems like kind of a longshot. Either way, the video was pretty good.

Here is another one about Mars

Not sure if these videos will get me to use their services but they are getting my respect for making them and that is worth something.

New Tunes Tuesday

New release from Moderat. I really enjoy the track Animal Trails. There is also instrumental versions of these available if that is more of your thing. let me know if you like it or if there is something I should check out!

How story beats data

Interesting video from veritasium on how an interesting narrative can overtake data. Kind of sounds like marketing.