My Brother's animated drawings

My Brother Andy is a super talented animator who is creating these super short animated drawings. Each one is a quick idea that is illustrated and animated in about an hour. Seems like a pretty cool exercise and I am excited to see where he goes with them. Here are a few below and you can follow him on Instagram @theandylozano.

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Remembering Dark Lord DAY 2016

Took my sweet time getting the roll of film developed that I took to Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds Brewing. It was going to rain the entire day so I bought an old film camera at the thrift store for $1.48. This is not a performance camera by any means and most of the images were out of focus. But it did add to the experience and peace of mind instead of using my phone in the downpour of rain and beer. The graininess and soft focus add a bit of nostalgia and interest to an otherwise craptacular event. Most of the pictures show us drinking Dark Matter Coffee as we try to desperately warm our hands. It helped along with the healing powers of beer. Once I was able to collect our allotment of Dark Lord I had pick which of the 13 variants I wanted to select. I went with Dwarven Power Bottom: Dark Lord Aged in Muscat Barrels as my selection. Once I embraced the suck and let the sweet sounds of death metal wash over me I started to have a good time. Not sure if I will ever go again but I will never forget this years Dark Lord Day.

$1.48 Minolta Thrift Store Camera

$1.48 Minolta Thrift Store Camera